The Art of Love


Why should we celebrate love on February 14, and not just be grateful to Cupid every day? Because we’ve been brainwashed ever since the 14th century.




Posted by Mathilde L. 12.02/2018

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A short story of Museums

How did museums come to be? Nowadays they are a familiar part of the urban landscape, but it was not always the case. We do not presume to retrace the entire history of the concept of museum, but we hope to interest you in a few landmarks!



Posted by Mathilde L. 25/11/2017

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Glorify Society through Art

In art, it is very common to use our society's symbols to adress universal topics such as beauty, passion, moral values, and many others. By doing so, the social symbols chosen by the artist acquire a "mythical" and "historical" gaze.



Posted by Jean V. 03/12/2017

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A Colorful History of Monochrome Painting

Monochrome painting has often been considered as the negation of art, or, on the contrary, as one of its most accomplished forms. How did it come to be?


Posted by Jean V. 3/12/2017

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The Preraphaelites

Today, the mention of Preraphaelite painting brings to mind images of languid women with opulent red or dark hair, reclining in vividly-coloured floral environments – but how did it all come to be?




Posted by Mathilde L. 17/11/2017

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Native American Contemporary Art

What is Native American art for you? Most of the time, you have been to repetitive exhibitions where Native American art consists in displaying embroidered cloth (ledger art), jewellery or woodcarving. Most of the time, you have felt like you were witnessing tokens of a primitive and fossilized civilisation that has now disappeared.

Posted by Mathilde L. 25/11/2017

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