Lives of the Italian Renaissance

September 5, 2018

Imagine traveling in an instant from Rome to Padua, from the Vatican to Mantua, from Venice to Tuscany. Discover the most iconic works punctuated them by a resolutely contemporary architecture.

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From this period of unprecedented artistic emulation, stylistic innovations traveled the peninsula in just a matter of years. Andrea Mantegna’s House of Spouses dialoguing with Raphael’s Stances at the Vatican; Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci going head to head; the Sistine Chapel overturning Venetian paintings… UMA embraced this theme by designing a surreal space. The iconic works of churches and palaces are punctuated by a resolutely contemporary architecture. The 10 most emblematic artists of the Renaissance, from Giotto to Correggio, are neck-and-neck.   The perspective, the color, the anatomy and the composition enter a whirlwind of modernity that will forever mark the History of Art.