Current Exhibitions

Subway Art

Photos by Henry Chalfant

Discover the pioneers of graffiti in the 80's NYC subway. See the vintage R38 train waggons captured by Henry Chalfant.

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A Walk Into Street Art

Explore a city gathering iconic walls of Banksy, JR, Obey, Keith Haring, Vhils, some trains from the NYC 80's underground scene, and many other surprises.

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Founding Myths

illustrated by Masters from Ancient to Contemporary Art

Five great myths of humanity: The Ramayana, The Iliad & Odyssey, Virgil’s Aeneid, Ovid’s Metamorphoses, and The Apocalypse.

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Upcoming Exhibitions

Hidden Images

Human Landscape

Men and women become landscape. Through the artist's vision, they are enhanced with new meanings ranging from religion to power, from philosophy to sex.

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Spoils of War

Recovering Looted Artworks from the Second World War

Over 600,000 artworks were stolen by nazis. The greatest masters were victims of this artistic deportation.

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