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Current Exhibitions

Cats in Art History

From Ancient Egyptian statues to modern times painting, discover the many faces and various personalities of our favourite felines !

A Walk Into Street Art

Explore a city gathering iconic walls of Banksy, JR, Obey, Keith Haring, Vhils, some trains from the NYC 80’s underground scene, and many other surprises.

Founding Myths

Five great myths of humanity: The Ramayana, The Iliad & Odyssey, Virgil’s Aeneid, Ovid’s Metamorphoses, and The Apocalypse.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Lives of the Italian Renaissance

Imagine traveling in an instant from Rome to Padua, from the Vatican to Mantua, from Venice to Tuscany. This is what UMA is putting on the table with its new exhibition in virtual reality: “Lives of the Italian Renaissance”.  

The Spoils of War

Over 600,000 artworks were stolen by the Nazis during WW2. The greatest masters were victims of this artistic deportation.


Our goals : fun, beauty and accessibility


William Hogarth, 'A Rake’s Progress: in the Madhouse, scene VII', 1735, copper engraving

William Hogarth and the Imitation Game

Hogarth played a little game of imitation with his fellow artists, and boom – English art was born.

The Impossible Museum: Architecture Prize

Last February, UMA had launched an architecture contest welcoming participants from all over the world. The idea? Designing THE IMPOSSIBLE MUSEUM.

The Destiny of City Structures

Are new constructions destined to become “boring” and overtly “modern” structures within our cities?
Heydar Aliyev Center, 2007; Baku, Azerbaijan

A Short History of Museums

How did museums come to be? Nowadays they are a familiar part of the urban landscape, but it was not always the case...
Gustav Klimt, "Danaé", 1907 (Galerie Würthle, Vienne)

The Art of Love

Why should we celebrate love on February 14, and not just be grateful to Cupid every day? Because we’ve been brainwashed ever since the 14th century.

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