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Current Exhibitions

Memories Paper, Nathalie Boutté

Her work is always a renaissance, her technique still learning. No certainty, no truth, always an extra experience, always one more step forward

Lives of the Italian Renaissance

Imagine traveling in an instant from Rome to Padua, from the Vatican to Mantua, from Venice to Tuscany. Discover the most iconic works punctuated them by a resolutely contemporary architecture.

Cats in Art History

From Ancient Egyptian statues to modern times painting, discover the many faces and various personalities of our favourite felines !

Upcoming Exhibitions

From the Renaissance to Impressionism: the Great European Artists in French Collections

The exhibition covers an extremely vast field, both historically and geographically. The challenge is not how complete but how representative this exhibit will be- of the eras and the flagship schools from the great masters of the Renaissance, to the early Impressionists.

National Museum of Rio de Janeiro

The National Museum of Rio fire of September 3rd 2018 was a loss for all humanity. Frescoes from Pompeii, bones millions of years old, unique works of art, paintings by the great masters of the Art History are forever missing.

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Native American Contemporary Art

What is Native American art for you? Most of the time, you have felt like you were witnessing tokens of a primitive and fossilized civilisation that has now disappeared

A Colorful History of Monochrome Painting

Monochrome painting has often been considered as the negation of art, or, on the contrary, as its most accomplished form. How did it come to be?
Kuroda Seiki, A l'ombre d'un arbre

Kuroda Seiki : Itinerary of a Japanese artist in Paris

What part did Kuroda play in Japanese society's acceptance of Western painting?
William Hogarth, 'A Rake’s Progress: in the Madhouse, scene VII', 1735, copper engraving

William Hogarth and the Imitation Game

Hogarth played a little game of imitation with his fellow artists, and boom – English art was born.

The Impossible Museum: Architecture Prize

Last February, UMA had launched an architecture contest welcoming participants from all over the world. The idea? Designing THE IMPOSSIBLE MUSEUM.

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